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For the past year (or a little longer), I have been thinking about what concepts my personal manifesto would contain.  Every once in awhile, bits and pieces of that still-to-be-written manifesto emerge.  

Last week, I asked myself the simple question of why I feel so passionate about teaching art to children.  This was "the answer":  

The creative soul of the child is continuously bursting, full of expression and ideas. I believe it is our duty to nurture and protect this part of the child as well as empower it. Although this creative soul can take on a larger than life presence, it can still be very fragile and vulnerable.

I have been asking myself the same question about adults.  I don't have the words to sum it up as concisely as I did above, but I can tell you a few reasons that are clear.  I have learned at least two realities:

1. Every adult is creative.
We almost hear this too much lately and yet we haven't really taken the time to look deeply at the root of this belief.  I think we can easily agree that all children are creative.  At one time, we (as grown adults) were children, carrying these natural intuitions and capabilities.

2. Most of us, eventually, made a decision at some point to "grow up".
For some reason, a lot of us were brought up with the beliefs that using our creativity wasn't going to be efficient or productive.  We discarded our creative notions and we decided to "grow up".

I find that most of the adults I work with have done their "growing up" (they have found their career, raised their children) but sooner or later they experience that pull to tap into their creativity and they don't know where to start.  In fact, I have found, that starting is the most challenging part.  And "starting" can be something that is put off for years and years.  

This is where my passion kicks in.  I LOVE getting them started.  

I love creating a space where that sacred creative space within each person can be unlocked and explored.  Because, well, once the well is tapped, it just keeps flowing.

There are limitless ways of being creative.  Our world is bursting at the seems with creative endeavors.  We're fortunate enough to be able to experience these more often because of our access to the internet and continuously advancing technology.  Art making as a creative process is a tiny sliver in a large yummy pie of many options and flavors.

If a creative inkling is nudging you, take the time to listen to that nudge and just start.

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If you think your "nudge" is art making, check out several ways I assist people in getting started.
create everyday e courses
adult art classes (the next class in Minneapolis is Wed, May 14, 5:30-7:30 at Boneshaker Books)
creative coaching
painting parties

To read more about my art classes for children, visit this link.


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