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Friday, November 15, 2013

5 reasons to seek the guidance of a coach

1. You know you have a sparkle or a shine but you just can't seem to define it

2. You are spending most of your time in one area of your life and really want to spend some time in other areas too OR You've spent so much time in that one area, you are afraid there aren't any other areas left

3. You have a tendency to ignore that inner voice because all the other outer voices are too loud OR You suffer from the common "it's too late" syndrome

4. You are in a transitional or in-between stage and you want clarity and direction

5. You feel alone.  Everyone else looks like they've got it all figured out

In case you haven't heard, I am currently offering a 21 day coaching package for $199
This package includes:

  • a 45 minute phone conversation/skype (or, if you are local, let's get together for coffee or tea) discussing what makes you tick as well as what's the best way to go about making the most of your 21 days
  • daily email communication for support, action steps and follow up
  • my breakthrough! workbook (14 days of writing prompts)
  • three days of my "create everyday" on line classes
  • a 45 minute phone conversation/skype (or, another get together over a warm beverage) wrapping up our time together while creating an action plan of where to go from here

A few of my beliefs that may determine whether I am a good coach for you:
  • Self discovery can be a creative and inspiring process 
  • Most of the people I work with want to jump in with both feet (this doesn't mean they don't have inhibition or fear - we ALL have this)
  • I have danced to a different drummer my entire life and, although I have given everyone else permission to dance their own dance, it has taken a lot of work and determination for me to believe this for myself. 
  • I have learned how to maneuver in the world while still maintaining my authenticity
  • Authenticity takes courage and (despite what you think or have learned) we were never meant to be courageous on our own.  It's important to build several systems for yourself that support your personal needs and process.  I can help you do this.
  • It is NEVER too late (I know everyone says this but it isn't).  My process was/is an absolute example of this.
want another visual?  See my very own infographic here

I currently have five openings (and one could be for you).  Email me if you are interested.

Payment is made via paypal.  This 21 day cycle can be made in two installments.

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