My personal, professional and spiritual process has always been and continues to be based on consistently taking one conscious step at a time. Taking steps towards a vision or dream can be frightening. Adding intention and consciousness to each step can feel overwhelming.

Ideas abound. It's funny. Sometimes we have so many ideas we can't stop our heads from spinning and sometimes we wonder if we will ever have another idea again. If you are on one side of the spectrum or the other (or find yourself in-between), I can assist you in discovering that one idea or in finding that first place to start.

I have been creative coaching since 2013.  I used to use this model but, over the years, my approach has evolved and I have noticed a shift in my clients' needs.

Closely related (believe it or not), I also coach introverts and empaths and those who identify as HSPs.  I have worked extensively on these aspects of myself and have learned how to successfully maneuver in a culture that does not seem to support or be educated in these personality/emotional types.  You wear an invisible superhero cape (as an introvert/HSP).  Make it visible (ESPECIALLY to yourself, first), HERE.


Efficiency and quality are extremely valuable.  It's amazing what we can uncover and discover in one hour.

First 60 minutes (face to face): 100./hr
We will meet to discuss your dreams and your challenges.  We will identify what is working and what is not.  We will weed through priorities and create an action plan together.  You will leave feeling inspired, focussed and motivated.

Follow up meetings (face to face): 75./hr
When you have put our actions into place and are ready to identify the next jumping off point.  Usually scheduled after at least four consistent weeks of work from our first meeting.

Please note that with social restrictions due to the pandemic, the above coaching sessions are now available via phone or face time.  Stay tuned, here, for when face to face meetings become available once again.

Daily accountability coaching: 199.
This package includes two phone conversations totaling one hour plus daily texting or email regarding your current project. Ten days total.

A virtual, self paced class on some of my favorite collage activities.  Ten lessons total.
View THIS LINK for more information, a preview or to register.

My Create Everyday Curriculum: 49.
Five days of visual, creative activities you can access individually, as a family or use in a small group.

Curriculum + Accountability: 145.
My five day curriculum plus five days of daily texting or emails.

My Breakthrough! Workbook
: 49.
Fourteen days of writing prompts that will assist you in sorting through your past, clearing away what's blocking you from your future and setting the tone with how to make the best use of the present.

Breakthrough! + Accountability: 199.
My Breakthrough! workbook plus fourteen days of texting or emails

The New Year Creative Workshop: 20.
These worksheets are especially powerful to complete at the close of a new year and the start of another.  View this link for more information.

Putting pencil to paper: 100./hr
Does the financial management of your small business or hobby overwhelm you?  I have developed simple and successful pen to paper tools of how to manage the daily financials of my business.  I have committed to staying solvent and have never accumulated any business debt.  My record keeping is clear.  Tax preparation and tax season is no longer anxiety provoking.  In fact, it's a non event.  With clear financials, there is much more room to CREATE!

Payment is made via apple pay, paypal, venmo or zelle.  Please email (  with your package of choice, the ideal date you'd like to begin and your preference of payment.

Is Creative Coaching for YOU?  This link may be able to answer your initial questions.  
When you have more, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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