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travels with Henry

It's a rare occasion when someone purchases a painting before it is finished.  This has happened to me though.

It's much more likely that my pieces see their share of places and people before finding their right person/people.

But, Henry, here, HE has been around.

I am going to try to trace Henry's traveling to the best of my ability and I think...
 he started  his tour at Common Roots 
Henry's been on the walls of Cafe Latte
He's traveled to Iowa City in our subaru for a stint at Chait Galleries

Henry was part of my exhibit at the Grand Hand Gallery

He has been on the walls of the Birchwood

He has had his *spotlight* feature in the St. Paul Art Crawl catalog
Henry has been a part of an exhibit at Schmidt Landmark Gallery
Henry has even been in a field of flowers
and has been chauffeured in the back of my sister's car

But, today, Henry's travels came to an end.  He found a home with someone who saw him last October at the Lowertown Lofts Artists' Cooper…

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