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Gentle Giants of this Wild World

Alright, friends, here goes a start.  A big start.  And this is blog post number three (so far) regarding these "buffalo".
How the general process of painting was BEFORE the bison: After my lengthy studio visits, I am wired for hours and have a challenging time coming down.  I am not saying this is a negative experience.  And I am definitely saying this experience can be addictive.  Also, I can forget to eat.  An entire day can become one long moment.

How the general process of painting is IN THE MIDST OF these bison: INTENSE and exhausting.  I am completely wiped out after wrapping up in my studio on a daily basis.  I find myself starving for food and have been eating my biggest meals at 11:30 am.  After closing my studio door for the day, it feels like there is nothing left.  But then I go to bed and this cycle starts all over again,

To the best of my ability, after much processing, this segment tells the story so far:

This is not about your first impression.  This is not…

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