do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

wish I was here

I recently saw Wish I Was Here.  I haven't seen a movie of this caliber for a very long time.  The last movie I ranked this high was Happythankyoumoreplease and this was released in 2010.

I have loved movies since I was a young girl with braids, sitting in the back of my Mom and Dad's VW bus on the way home from my first viewing of Star Wars.  I sat day dreaming out the window, having had an intuitive sense at a very young age of the power of the broader message.  And not wanting to lose this sense.  I was eight.

Wish I Was Here tells the story of a family, all mixed up and trying to get by, not pretending but enjoying what they can.  It slowly evolves into a small yet most significant right of passage for all characters.  The acting is superb.  The soundtrack is spectacular.  And there is magic and reality tied to the power of a broader message.

Why don't we spend our time with movies and images like this?  These are the ones that remind us of our humanity, humility and our specialness in the ordinary.


If you see one movie a year, I hope you see this one.

see other movies I like here

Monday, October 27, 2014

MEA Weekday Workshop

last October class

We wrapped up our last class of October yesterday! 

For our art warm up, we worked with fallen leaves.  The children painted panels, placed their leaves on top and then pressed paper over their panels.  After peeling the paper off, the leaf shapes were represented in the negative space.  Then the children removed the leaves and pressed their paper down again, this time, revealing the details of each leaf.  

The students also created their own leaf shapes by drawing/pressing into foam. 

They printed these onto paper.

This month, we have been reading Byrd Baylor's books.  In addition to reading the books, The Way to Start a Day and Another Way to Listen yesterday, we specifically discussed the illustrator, Peter Parnall.  The children observed that this particular illustrator used a lot of lines while creating his illustrations.  The students experimented with drawing a lot of lines on paper, finding shapes that appealed to them within their lines and then elaborating on these shapes.

After experimenting on paper, some of the children created another printing template by drawing/pressing their lines onto foam core and printing it onto paper.

A koala and whale also showed up at class yesterday.  
These paintings were inspired 
by the children's book illustrator, Katie Viggers.

Happy Art Making!

Read about art classes for children or view announcements for upcoming classes here.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

MEA Weekday Workshop (Friday)

Before class on Friday morning, I collected more leaves so that we could create leaf prints as our warm up activity.  The children manipulated the clay, making it flat (like a pancake), chose a leaf and carefully pressed the leaf into the clay.  They removed the leaf, observing the impressions, cut out the leaf shapes and set them aside.  We would return and paint them a bit later...

We played a bit with some glue, creating our own designs and arrangements.

It was significantly cooler but that didn't stop the children 
from wanting to spend more time at the MCAD sculpture garden!

When given the choice to eat snack inside or outside on this colder day, 
it was unanimous that we eat snack outside.  

We walked a different route to the museum 
and the children wanted to stop and sketch a different sculpture.

We were excited when we reached the front entrance.

On our return to the classroom, we discussed the artist, Frank Stella, 
and a piece we had referenced at the MIA. 
The children created their own interpretations.

Frank Stella at the MIA
The next WEEKDAY WORKSHOP is Friday, October 31 from 9am-noon!
There are still a few seats available at 11am for a FREE art class, Saturday, November 1.
We begin the theme, The Art of Geometry Sunday afternoons in November.
See this link for more information.

This was a two day workshop.  Read about Thursday's class here.

MEA Weekday Workshop (Thursday)

What a fantastic two days to host a WEEKDAY WORKSHOP!

Our warm up art practice on Thursday morning included string painting and line designs.  While the children were watercoloring their pieces (embellishing the markings and lines they had created), there was a bit of confusion regarding color mixing.

Our next activity involved exploring color mixing, labeling our colors 
and discovering the colors we could create!

On our walk to the MIA, we stopped at the MCAD sculpture garden to sketch.

It was a beautiful day for a snack picnic!

The children always exercise such a natural sense of reverence for the museum, using their whispering voices, walking feet and inquiring about specific pieces or exhibits that personally interest them.

We collected leaves on our walk back to the classroom and created leaf prints.

The children chose a specific inspiration from their visit to the MIA 
and painted their interpretations on canvas.

Read more about our time together on Friday.

Happy Art Making!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ART news: recent inspiration, new venues, class promotionals

Those participating in #inktober.  These creatives are using ink to create something everyday in October.  Check out this piece recently completed by @jodiehurt on instagram.  It made me < squeal > OUT LOUD (and for those of you who know me, know that if a spontaneous squeal occurs, it's been a good day)

Speaking of squeals, I squealed Saturday night when I saw and purchased the recent issue of Modern Farmer.  Anyone want to guess why?

I am constantly reading (did you know I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to book reports?) I love studying, researching, observing and (in this case) watching. I recently stumbled across this piece on Wayne Thiebaud.  I admire his straightforwardness and humility.  I love the fact that he's just an ordinary guy, doing what he needs to do (even though he may not always know why).

What has recently inspired you?  DO share...

ART CLASSES for children
On Saturday, November 1, I am offering FREE 45 minute art classes for children.
See this link for more information.
The Art of Geometry (paint, stitch, print and build) begins every Sunday afternoon, 3:30-5:30.
I am beginning to schedule children's birthday parties for the upcoming winter months.


Schedule your painting party with 8-10 participants before the new year and receive 20% OFF. Although I am happy to travel and bring the party to you and your guests, this offer applies to parties in The Create Everyday Classroom.

Beginning next week, there will be seven opportunities to see and view my work. View this link for all seven locations.  Find one near you.

And just in case you wanted more:

To view a list of all the services I offer, visit this link.

Follow happenings at The Create Everyday Classroom on facebook or instagram.

Follow my art making process on my visual artist page.

Is there anywhere/place I can keep up with your happenings?  Send me an email with links and let me know!

FREE art classes for children


In celebration of the parents who faithfully continue to enroll their children in my classes, the last day of light (daylight savings begins on November 2nd), the upcoming winter (and holiday) season, and in an effort to spread the word (just a bit more), please sign your child and a friend up for a free art class on Saturday, November 1.  

Three classes with six seats each will be available over the course of the day.

WHEN: Saturday, November 1

WHERE: The Create Everyday Classroom, 2605 2nd Ave South, studio 8, Minneapolis

12:30 -1:15
1:45 - 2:30

Let me know which time slot you'd like for me to reserve for your child and a friend!

Have conflicting obligations this particular day?
Don't worry, there will be another opportunity soon!

Know someone who would appreciate being introduced to my classes?
Please feel free to share this email with your friends!

There is one particular business right around the corner that I know would LOVE to see you (while your child is attending art class): The Copper Hen!  I have already sent a few of you their way and you have loved loved loved.  Sometimes we use their delicious cakes as models for painting. Stop by and say hello.

View more news and winter promotions here

Read more about Create Everyday art classes for children here

art on the walls

  • 10 cows are currently on exhibit at Cafe Latte in St. Paul.  There's a sneak peek right here: 
  • In addition to being represented by the Chait Galleries Downtown in Iowa City, my work will be part of the "small works" exhibit over the holiday season.  I feel fortunate to be included in this well attended, annual event.  You can view my work here.
  • The Fanny Garver Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin has been committed to my cows since the very beginning.  View my work here.  They still exhibit some of the first cows I ever painted.
  • The owner, Nelda, of Cello in Bozeman, Montana, has always been a huge enthusiast and supporter of my work.  She now has two large cows on exhibit.  It they are well received, I will be happy to load our subaru wagon full of more paintings and personally make the delivery myself.
  • And most of you know that I recently delivered three new cows to the Grand Hand Gallery in St. Paul.  This particular gallery has also hosted the cows for quite a long time.  One of the cows on exhibit with them made an appearance in the Star Tribune last February.
  • With my motto of creating everyday, there is always an opportunity to view and or purchase small pieces I have created.  You can find these in my etsy shop.  This is also where you can purchase fine art prints.
  • If you are local and would like to view new inventory I have on hand, you are always welcome to make an appointment and visit the Create Everyday Classroom in Minneapolis.  Contact me here to inquire.

Monday, October 13, 2014

on art and life

Sometimes all the arrows point in the right direction


Sometimes we just feel like we are tumbling here and there

Sometimes we feel like celebrating

Sometimes we want to hide (and this is just fine)

It takes a lot of practice (and the practice never ends)

The most important thing to remember is to be kind (especially with ourselves)