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the gift of the deer

I grew up in the hills of Northern California where it wasn't unusual to witness deer eating the latest growth in one's front yard.  I was never able to get close to these deer, though.  I was only able to observe them looking out, from inside my home.  My friend, Gina Easley, who recently moved from Minneapolis to Eugene, has had the opportunity to actually follow a family of deer in her backyard.  I cannot think of a better way to transition to a new place! And I cannot get enough of her updates.  If you have any interest, I highly recommend following along HERE.
I read The Gift of the Deer, by Helen Hoover many years ago.  In this memoir, Hoover lives on the Minnesota/Canadian border and follows the lives of a deer family near her remote home for over two years.
I completely relate to how Judy (on Goodreads) reviewed this book, "When life gets too hectic and frustrating, I turn to the natural world...If I can't get up and go, the next best thing is to read somethi…

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