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When this illustration by Lisa Congdon crossed my feed a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like a great opportunity to take a little inventory.  How am I doing in this particular time and space with these "tools of the trade"?

Discipline:  It's so funny, isn't it?  To have discipline here and flexibility right beneath (or next to) it? I am not a procrastinator.  I love creating my own structure and discipline and have had much success with this in the history of my art making.  The problem is, I can become so acutely disciplined that I can lose track of the spiritual or mysterious aspect of art.  It's probably not a surprise to you that nothing is ever created in this state (with the exception of frustration and a lot of wasted materials).  This is when I have to step back and remember, once again, to be more flexible.

Flexibility: This is usually found after painful awareness (see above in "Discipline")

Energy:  Since I have been able to work from my home s…

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