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slowly shedding "the shoulds"

In response to  @laura.holway 's post  : "On taking action from a place of desire and intuition versus 'should' or fear" YES! YES! and YES!  Thank you, Laura Holway!  Amen, Sister! This is about letting go of our old thoughts, systems and beliefs and opening up to something beyond our limited thinking/selves. I have practiced letting go of "shoulds" consistently for the past year and in years prior, have experimented with both approaches in order to gather information. First of all, for over two decades (yep, I am a slow learner), I have been working on identifying belief systems based on fear AND faith.  I have a habit of checking in on my motives before taking action. In order to have success here, I usually never make a decision on the fly.    I believe that wherever one chooses to place their focus, more of this energy (whether that be fear OR faith ) is created.   Personally, this doesn't mean that I do not take actions based on fear.  I am a c

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