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my post office

Uhm, yeah.  THIS exactly!
I love my post office.  I appreciate the opportunity to walk there at least once a week.  I don't mind if there is a line out the door.  There usually is.  Most of the people in line with me are patient.  They exchange courtesies with their neighbors (otherwise strangers) and might even possibly make momentary friendships.  Some people (I would say most, at my post office) exude happiness while waiting (which is really counter to our culture).  They must know what I know about my post office: 
One of the clerks has been there for YEARS and years.  You might call him a neighborhood/post office icon.  He knows everyone in line (and if he doesn't know you, he acts as if he's just opened the front door to his home and you are welcome to just plop on the couch).  I am NOT kidding.  He is definitely worth witnessing.  Talk about someone who has made a sincere and conscious commitment to creating his life experience EVERY day. This particular clerk most…

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