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do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Monday, February 4, 2013

getting back in the swing

When I posed the question on my facebook page that I needed some inspiration regarding my blog post today, one person said she'd like to read about "getting back to doing artwork after a looooooong time away".

I have a few suggestions.

Start SIMPLE.  This is how I do this: 

Designate 5 or 10 minutes to creativity a day.  Schedule this time before your day begins.

Limit your materials.  Choose three random materials and just make SOMETHING.  When we have a wealth of materials, everything just becomes more complicated.  All of the sudden we become attached to the product and start thinking too much.  Spending a lot of time thinking or analyzing is a creativity killer.  Take my word for it.

Consider this work cross training for what's to come.  In other words, don't be attached to the outcome or to the medium or compare it to what you used to do before.  Just showing up on a regular, rhythmic basis will start the creative juices flowing.  

Play. Seriously, just pretend you are 6 years old for 5 minutes.  Children are totally uninhibited when it comes to creating and their work always amazes us.

Reward yourself.  It's AMAZING how many ways we can try to deceive ourselves and tell ourselves something won't work, isn't working or isn't really worth it.  PLEASE BELIEVE ME HERE: 5 minutes can change your life.

Looking for something with a little more?
Make a cabinet of curiosities spending 5-10 minutes a day creating this is a creative act in itself!
Take a class.  
Work with a coach to find some focus and support.

I have so many more posts on this topic.   You can find more info here, here and here.
Read my pep talks for want-to-be creatives and those already creating (yeah, ultimately, we're ALL in the same boat) here and here.

Thank you for your suggestions, facebook friends.  I plan on writing on more over the course of the week! 

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