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"The start is what stops most people." - Don Shula

One of the most difficult practices for me is to just start.  Starting (no matter what) can be the most intimidating and potentially discouraging place on the map.

We all have that spark of an idea, that idea that gives us a little energy, hope and kick to our step.  And then all of the sudden, our brain takes over and turns it upside down, over and around.  We start analyzing the hows, whens, wheres and - oh by golly - the worsts of what will happen if we do - start.  And then, most of the time, we stop.  We stop before we have even started.

And yet, here is the truth: in order to experience ANYTHING, we need to start SOMETHING and everyone starts - somewhere...

One of the benefits of my decision to create everyday is that it eliminates the question of whether or not I will start.  I just do.  With enough practice, a bit of structure and a lot of support (I can help you!), I have been able to show up for my creative practice for years (nine years, I am thinking) and every day it gets easier and easier.  Some days are quite difficult, yes.  Some days are as easy as a summer breeze.  But what's most important is that all the critical voices that usually are given thrones to sit on in my head, have quieted down.  I also realize that the process of me showing up every day is far more beneficial than any product I create.  And the irony is that, with this approach, every once in awhile, a beautiful product is born.

In some ways, I wish I would have been smart enough to document the first initial days when I began creating everyday.  I wish you could have seen how bumpy it was.  I wish I would have had the where with all to document the emotional swings and the critical thinking that came along with it.  Sure, I have journals I can reference and work examples and memories but I don't have a linear timeline to put before you here.

But I do have something...  I have my videos!  I have known and people have told me for months and months that I need to start posting videos on my blog.  And I have felt intimidated and discouraged and overwhelmed about it for almost a year.  Last Friday, I just started.  I just sat down and pressed the record button.  I knew I didn't have the time to make myself "presentable" or to figure out all the whistles and bells to the operation at hand.  I knew if I took the time, those critical voices that I give so much power from time to time (who am I kidding?  almost ALL the time) would have me stop.

My videos are a great example of just starting - without knowing the outcome.  I thought I'd invite you along for the ride too.  I mean, why not?  Everyone has to start somewhere.  I started on Friday, July 26th and put it out there for all to see.  It's honest.  It's real (I don't know how to edit videos - yet).  I had to start.  Before I was stuck.  Now I can move.

What will you "just start" today?  Just do it.  Start.


  1. Love the demonstration of starting!

  2. Thanks for this. In the midst of my own "bumpy" time of growth, I really needed the reminder that the bumps ARE the process -- or at least a part of it.


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