The idea of transitions can be a large topic to tackle. Books have been written on the subject.  These are just initial thoughts I hope to edit and expand upon in the future.  

Most of us who have children or work with children understand that one of our roles as the adult is to assist them with transitions.  We cannot expect children to transition successfully without giving them much time to prepare for a new environment or different expectations before the transition takes place.

But when does this need for assistance in this area stop?  When are we able to set aside enough physical time and emotional space to prepare for transitioning on our own?  I can imagine that just like anything else, the answer to these questions is different for everyone and applies to each individual differently.

For many of us, there comes a time, where we, as adults, forget how to ease ourselves through a transition.We find ourselves running from one place to another, always with a sense or feeling of being "behind".

As a creative person who relies of my creativity as my profession, I have become extremely sensitive to transitions.  There are always transitions I make throughout the course of a work day and, after finding or settling into a groove of my own, these have become more habitual.

But then there are transitions that occur when traveling, time change transitions (when we move in and out of daylight savings time) and seasonal transitions (just to name a few) that are much more difficult to manage.

After four years of a more intentional, conscious decision to live life in a more present state, I am aware that I am consistently being thrown off by these larger transitions (both on the front and back side).  And because there isn't someone else to prepare me for and through these, I need to find ways of doing this myself.  In the past, I haven't prepared myself for these and, in turn, as a result, my creative well has suffered.  Instead of consciously preserving this well through a transition, this energy source has been used by default.


Preparing and experiencing transitions takes a lot of time.  Some people may not think allowing this time deserves to be prioritized.  But for me to function properly, I make it a habit as best as I can to understand where I am and what I am experiencing while thinking about where I need to go and what I want to consciously choose to bring with me to the next place.

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