make room

Have you ever said "no" and really meant it?  Having had such conviction, have you found yourself simultaneously wanting to take it back? 

I have. But I am learning (too) and growing (always). And I am getting better (and better).

Here are my thoughts:

Sometimes, when we say "no", there is an empty space that is immediately created, one that we are unfamiliar with (especially if saying "no" is new for us).

I believe it can be our compulsion to want to fill this empty space as quickly as possible.  Why wouldn't it be?  It's brand new territory and it's uncomfortable and unpredictable.  It threatens our safety.

But what I have found is that there is power in this space and that we need this space.  Here is why:

This is where new ideas are created and birthed (in this empty space).  In the space that is full, it is too comfortable, too tidy, too controlled, too predictable.  In other words, there just isn't any room.

Open up.  Make space.  Sit in it.  Listen to it breathe.  Get stronger.  Spend time in the space learning to trust what you know.  This takes practice.  Become visible to yourself in this space.  This is where the good stuff happens, stuff beyond what you are capable of creating right now.  This is the space of limitless possibility.

You don't have to sit in this space alone.  In fact, you shouldn't have to - ever.

Contact me today if you are interested in venturing out into unknown territory.  I am currently offering a 21 day coaching package of 199.  Email me with inquiries or for further information.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Thank you for helping me to learn to say no and make space for the YES!

    1. your willingness is inspiration! it's hopeful and it's AWESOME.


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