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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

a work in progress: my yard/ my life

I've been debating whether or not to write about this here.  It keeps coming up on my radar, though, and so, for now, I am...

This past Monday morning (Labor Day) my husband and I set out to work in our yard.  Mind you, we are not gardeners and, when we have free time, we don't choose to spend it working in our yard.  This way of life can be extremely contrary to the typical life of a lush Minnesota home dweller.   It isn't unusual to see many people in a variety of neighborhoods working in their yards and tending to their beautiful gardens all summer long (and believe you me, I wish I had the same dedication).  My point here is, though, that I don't.  And he (my husband) doesn't either.

Our front yard has turned into an overgrown jungle.  Not kidding.  About 10 years ago, we attempted to turn the front lawn into a prairie.  And I wish it looked as beautiful and peaceful as the word "prairie" sounds.  But it doesn't.

On Monday morning, I needed a break from painting (I had come to a standstill and needed another activity).  I was surprised when I found I had the energy to get out the shovel and start digging in our yard.  It was a beautiful morning and this made me really happy.  I know I have to take advantage of these days while I have them.  An hour or so into my work, what looked like a Grandmother with two of her grandchildren walked/wheeled by.  The youngest was asleep in a stroller.  The older was ambling behind.  I greeted them with an enthusiastic "Hi" and a big smile. And this was the woman's response, "Looks like you have a big job ahead of you." (no smile)

I thought this was really interesting.  VERY interesting.  And I spent a lot of time thinking about this interaction which, sometimes isn't the best to do because my initial thought or reaction can be shame, embarrassment, defeat, hopelessness, discouragement, etc. etc. etc. but... if there was any of that, this passed quickly.  What I did think about was, "I wonder why that woman was so unhappy."  I mean, she had two beautiful children along for a walk with her and it was a beautiful day (not to mention a holiday). I am sure there is a bigger picture to consider with such a reply and, at the same time, I am grateful I don't have to go there.

I am not proud of my front yard but I hope to be someday.  I hope to find a way for it to become more and more attractive with little management on our part.  I am also super grateful for the burst of energy and time I had to dedicate to my front yard this week.  And I am grateful my husband and I could do it together.  I see this as another metaphor for life and living today.

Back to a couple of my mottos: "better late than never"  and  "little by little".

It's the only way life works for me.  And, I'll take it.

Thank you.  More please.

our home, June 2015
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