a world where everyone gets an A

So I am fortunate to have a VERY dear friend.  I don't know if she's come up in any of my previous posts but she's definitely going to be mentioned today.  Believe it or not, I have considered this friend a dear friend for over 28 years.  WOW!  How lucky am I?  The cool thing about this friend (and other close friends I have) is that these people (whether I've known them for 28 years or 2), know me inside and out.  We have no secrets or agenda.  We have created a safe place where it's OK to lose our marbles until...well, until we are able to collect them again - ha!  But I digress.  Because this is about the "A"s you see above and about a telephone message I received from my dear friend this morning.

This particular friend and I, well, we have a long distance relationship (with possibly the opportunity of seeing each other for a reunion once a year with some other dear friends - too fun).  Anyway, we also both live VERY FULL lives and most of the time, it takes several tries before we can actually connect on the phone.  We have accepted the fact that leaving a phone message for one another will have to do until the stars align.

Well, I had left two (?) messages for my friend this weekend and today this was what her message to me said:  "Kari, you get an 'A' for being such a good friend.  You get an 'A' and I get an 'F'!".  She was referring to the fact that I had attempted to call her twice and she was just attempting to get back to me now.  Yeah, I thought, if we're going to start giving out grades, she's definitely gotten WAY MORE "A"s than me!

Then I thought THIS:  Wouldn't it be cool if everybody who wanted an 'A' got one?  I mean, wouldn't it be cool if we all started our day with an "A" and before we went to bed, we made sure to keep it?  I thought, wouldn't it be cool if... when someone actually thought they deserved an "F", that all the "A"s worked together until the person who felt as though they deserved an "F", felt like an "A" (heck, let's say an "A+")?  Yeah, that would be COOL.

So here's to friendship and here's to everyone getting an "A".  "A"s ABOUND.  "A"s for everyone today...and the next day and the next day and the next...  A-men.


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