letting go of the how and paying attention to the what

It's a New Year and a NEW time!

The New Year can be an exciting and inspiring time.  We can feel the urge to set new intentions, shift things around, change things up and let things go.  The possibility of change in a positive direction adds a lightness to our step and fills us with possibility.  

And then, all of the sudden, some of us have a tendency to collapse into our old ways and that lightness of possibility just doesn't feel so light anymore.  

 I am convinced this is because we get caught up in "the how".

We've all had that flicker of possibility at one time or another regarding something that inspires us. This doesn't necessarily happen over the new year, either.  It can happen anywhere and anytime.

Well, that flicker is something that can be extinguished as quickly as it's ignited.
If we follow the flicker with our logical, linear way of thinking, all of the sudden we get caught up in how the shift is going to happen, our idea is going to manifest, etc. and we end up giving up on our inspiration or idea before we even start.

It's counter-cultural, I know, but, trust me, we aren't in charge of "the how".   What we are responsible for is holding onto that idea that inspires us and taking small steps toward that idea on a daily and weekly basis.  If we focus on the gratitude for the inspiration itself, "the how" eventually takes care of itself.

This NEW Year, walk with your ideas and inspirations, each day, into a different compartment on the sidewalk.  Just move forward, sideways (or backwards) little by little.  With movement, we learn and we get closer.

If you are interested in a more tangible way of keeping your eye on the prize, you may want to check out my New Year Creative Workshop.

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Happy New Year, Friends!  


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