the new year creative workshop

As creative individuals, it's extremely important that we celebrate the past to make way for the future.

At the close of every year, I conduct personal exercises, honoring what I have done as well as what I plan to do.  While incorporating these ideas and rituals, I have witnessed the power of intention and manifestation.

If you are interested in a more structured, creative way of honoring the year 2015 while making way with clarity for 2016, you may be interested in one of these options.

1. There is power in the written word.  Receive my creative worksheets (6 playful pages).  Print them out!  These are visually appealing with a lot of space for note taking, list making, coloring and doodling.  Three pages are designed for 2015 (honoring/taking inventory of what has happened) and three are designed for 2016 (setting intentions for the year).  These are worksheets that you are going to want to keep close at hand and reference often so that you can keep on task or make appropriate adjustments. $15

tiny snap shot of my worksheets

there is room to cut and paste too!

2. The THANK YOU MORE PLEASE (New Year) Creative Workshop  
Gather your friends and complete these exercises together in the Create Everyday Classroom!  Make a party of it!  The worksheets are included here.  $25/per participant with a minimum of 8.  Book this event anytime in January!

3. Power UP.  Have you experienced what it's like to write something down?  Get it out of your head?  It's such a mindful practice.  It can be so powerful.  Have you taken it one step further and told someone your realizations and discoveries? I have found this practice kicks it up a notch.  Power UP.  Correspond with me via email.  Share your new knowledge and "ah-ha" moments with me.  Receive daily encouragement.

4. Double the POWer.  This opportunity includes two-45 minute phone meetings with yours truly.  Our first meeting will give us a chance to get to know each other and to discuss the plan that lies ahead.  We will work with the worksheets I have created.  Correspond with me daily via email.  In our second meeting (approximately 6 days later), we will celebrate the past and declare your intentions while creating an action plan for the future.

new year creative workshop

5. Bring The New Year Creative Workshop to your home or establishment.  Contact me for rates.

Contact me for booking details/rates regarding options 2 + 5

When you hear about people believing in the power of celebration, gratitude and intention, they aren't blowing fluffy smoke here and there.  It really works.  Do yourself a good deed.  Get clarity.  Find those hidden celebrations (everyone has them).  Set your intentions.  Be clear of what they are and be prepared to manifest!

Become (even more) inspired about what lies ahead for YOU.

Oh!  And just for fun...
Check out the power of vision here or a fun way to receive telepathic messages here.



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