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SPRING: sometimes I paint it

I just returned from a spring break get away (see many o’ pics @createveryday) where the sun was prevalent and the daffodils were standing tall. And, it was NOT surprising to come home to gray, cold and sleet. 1. The Fresh Wash of Spring Rain, 20x16, acrylic on canvas. 795. It’s hard to photograph this one. I love all the muted subtleties but the subtleties are strong (meaning this is a rain in late May where snow and sleet are almost? impossible here). It’s the rain that isn’t cold and the type of rain that does emit all the good smells. This is the cleansing, hopeful rain, for sure 2. Spring in June, 12x12 acrylic on canvas, framed, SOLD When I camp on Lake Superior in June, it can be COLD and everything is just beginning to bloom 3. Arguing with Spring, 12x12, acrylic paper, mounted on panel, SOLD I used to argue with Spring here. It isn’t safe for anything to bloom yet and if one takes a chance, it’s a big risk! The weather is way too unpredictable and threatening, to be honest. I

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