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(creative) Wellness

  Sustainable inspiration isn't possible when there is an aspect of depletion. With my recent, personal introduction to Wellness Minneapolis and their team (thank you, forever, Deborah Saul photography) , I have become a committed follower.  Jesse Haas , Nutritionist and Co-founder of Wellness Minneapolis as well as Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, Naturopathic Doctor and Advocate for holistic and functional medicine have posed and answered specific questions on instagram this month and I have been listening, learning and following along.  I was recently inspired to answer these questions from my own experiences as a daily creative and creative coach. 1. What are your coping mechanisms and what do you do instead? I think it's important, first, to identify my top triggers that are potential catalysts for old coping mechanisms.  These triggers usually fall under the categories of over stimulation, personal expectations/judgement and fear of the future (this has all been especially height

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