listing 100 (continued) plus 30 (and counting)

After a holiday weekend at home, I was inspired to finish my list of 100 things today.  Here goes numbers 62 - 100.

62. good chocolate (how did this not pop up sooner?)
63. the NATURE program on pbs
64. when my husband drives through the night to get home because he's so excited after being out of town for awhile
65. our handmade made-to-order pillows
66. incense
67. fresh line dried linens on the bed
68. my bathtub
67. good pens 
68. garden tomatoes
69. public radio
70. the school supply section of any drug store or gas station
71. vintage table linens
72. chairs
73. starting seedlings
74. the retro wallpaper in our entry
75. fresh fruit salad
76. grapefruit juice
77. my burt's bees facial wipes (I'll stop apologizing for branding now.  it's inevitable)
78. peaches!
79. pink lady apples
80. taking the back roads (aka the "scenic route")
81. bird watching in my backyard
82. my porch in the spring and summer
83. white lights on a string
84. succulents
85. original art
86. my embroidery thread collection
87. weekly conversations with long distance friends
88. how the sun shines through our upstairs windows
89. sea shells
90. fine, white, warm sand
91. when my husband makes me laugh out loud (this happens EVERY day)
92. my 2012 notebook of happenings and celebrations
93. the art on the record album, Clouds (Joni Mitchell)
94. thrifting!
95. small bowls for my collections
96. my creative commitments
97. the ability to squeal with delight
98. our front door
99. my new workspace upstairs
100. the riverview theater

Oh!  And today, I feel inspired to KEEP GOING...

101. children's art
102. vw campers
103. seeding dandelions
104. brand new tubes of good paint
105. helicopter seeds
106. shadows
107. the eskimo woman
108. when children dress themselves
109. Matt Damon (crush)
110. driftwood
111. the mass call of crows
112. children's literature
113. rock collecting (yes, this is different than rocks themselves - see list 1-61)
114. green salads
115. inspiring quotes
116. pelicans
117. early mornings
118. bowling
119. roller skating!
120. hiking up a mountain
121. the sound of crickets on summer evenings
122. hand dyed wool
123. sandals
124. dansko clogs
124. indian summers
125. making art
126. selling art
127. happy hour with my sister or friends(not just anywhere, though)
128. finding hidden hearts for my friend, Shawna
129. visiting Iowa City
130.  my traveling art bag


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