do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Friday, November 16, 2012

listing 100

Can you list 100 things you like?
How about LOVE?

I dare you to try.

I am in the Salt Lake City airport right now.  Instead of focussing on the four hours I have for a layover here, I am going to start cracking away at this list.

A lot of you know that I reside in the midwest and what I refer to as the flattest place on earth.  I feel fortunate that my four hour layover involves snow tipped mountain ranges, that I can see from the airport windows.  So here goes...things I LOVE:

2. snow on mountains in the winter
3. great girlfriends from over 20 years ago 
(I am on my way to an annual reunion with them right now)
4. our elderly dog, Stella
5. our elderly cat, Chester
6. the winter white wool blanket on our bed
7. my husband, Peter, for sure
8. margaritas (having one now)
9. wool socks
10. intimate, support system of people to help me in LIFE
11. my backpack
12. my headphones
13. music on my iphone (JBM, Beth Orton, Sarah Siskind, Adam Ezra, Great Lake Swimmers, Dawes, Mumford and Sons, Brett Dennen, ALWAYS Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison, to name JUST a few)
14. being sentimental
15. my sweatpants
16. my joe's jeans (they are the closest thing to sweatpants!)
17. sunshine 
(beaming through the window of our aircraft all the way to SLC)
18. our president
19. the ocean (I will be there at 8 pm tonight!)
20. the mississippi river near my home
21. road trips (notice that flights aren't listed?)
22. silk long underwear (yeah, they're along for the trip)
23. nachos!  (having these SOON)
24. hard cover, old library books
25. smartwater (sorry for the branding here)
26. belly laughs (there are so many of these ahead this weekend)
27. national geographic magazine (again, branding...)
(yes, I have favorite tv shows- I set my phone alarm for them)
29. that my youngest sister lives less than one mile away
30. journals
31. flickr!
32. when participants really embrace my online classes
33. coffee!  (how is this #33?  I ADORE good black coffee)
34. my God jar (where I put all my worries and concerns)
35. lovely paper
36. my traveling windsor newton watercolor set (yep, it's along)
37. paint
38. making lists with sharpees (oops!  brand dropping again!)
39. great blue herons
42. unsweetened chai tea with soy milk 
(after I've had enough coffee)
43. the number 5
44. most independent films (the Station Agent is brilliant just to name ONE - there are SO MANY more - I have a movie list some where around here...)
45. WARM (Women's Art Registry of Minnesota)
46. the potroast at the Modern
47. snoring dog or cat
48. talking with friends about LIFE visions
49. carmalita malts at the Bad Waitress (serious yum)
50. the rhythmic sound of waves (real ones)
51. The Grateful Dead! (yeah, they get their own number)
52. elephants
53. cows
54. old barns
55. stars in the sky 
(we could see them from our backyard last night)
56.feathers (I wonder how many I'll be bringing home after this weekend?)
57. rocks
58. my heronines: May Sarton, Georgia O'Keeffe, Brenda Ueland
59. kettle chips
60. mimosa
61. rabbits

I am over half way there.
Watch for items 61-100 next week!


  1. I read this a few days ago, and it's been on my mind. I keep thinking about things that I love, often as I encounter them during my day. I love that reading this has made me become more aware and present to the things I love! Such a good idea. Thanks for sharing your list. :) I might have to start one too!

  2. Yay, Anika! I'd love to hear YOUR list! And, this is a GREAT reminder to finish mine....