Do you see a lion?  Seriously.  I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS.

I follow a group on facebook where the posts center around my childhood geography.

I grew up in San Anselmo, very close to the Fairfax border in Marin County.  On a clear day, everyone could all see Mount Tamalpais.  Mt Tam was always a point of reference when I was young.  This was the place I would always look up to.

Someone posted a photo of the "Lion's Rock"? on Mt Tam today.  I never knew this existed.  I mean, I spent every day looking for (if not looking up at) Mount Tamalpais and I never knew there was a lion's rock. Basically, this mountain represents “home” to me, so....

ARRRRRGH.  I just cannot get away from the lions!  Okay! Okay!

Why do I resist them so much? 
Ah-haaaa.  Another "distraction":

40x30, lion in progress

My other mind traps (my distractions).  Read about these HERE.

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