Lions?  I guess so.  Geeeez...really proof I am an intuitive artist, I guess.
I mean I know a lion is an animal and I love this palette but, still...

So far I have broken this story down into five  parts.  Here is part one.


I saw my Spiritual Director in mid-June.  I call her "mine" because I have been having regular sessions with her for over eight years.  A lot of people aren't familiar with who or what Spiritual Direction is.  I hope I am not misrepresenting here.  All I can share is how this process works for me.  I might explain Spiritual Direction as another form of therapy or counseling.  But it's much more organic and intuitive. In my sessions, I feel empowered to listen to what my intuition is saying.  These situations also offer tremendous support so that I can tap into what my physical body (a powerful messenger to me) is trying to tell me.  There are many more elements to these sessions too.  But there is another one in particular that has to do with this part (part 1).  My Spiritual Director has a small room with floor to ceiling shelves all full of small, enticing objects.  Figurines, mostly.  Sometimes, when I am having a difficult time describing an experience or feeling, she asks me if I want to go into the room and choose something that represents this best.

Usually, every time I am walking into the room, I am intimidated.  How will I ever pick from what seems like one million tiny objects?  She assures me that it will pick me.  And it always does.

On June 19, 2019, I picked a lion.  I was as perplexed.  I laughed as I was walking towards her, holding this lion.  How was this going to help?

Sometimes, I am encouraged to take whatever object I have chosen, home with me.  Peter usually asks if I have brought anything home from these sessions too.  Sometimes these objects have traveled with us, on vacations or been temporary (yet powerful) centerpieces on our dining room table.    I didn't feel an attachment to the lion at all and felt very skeptical about it having the ability to provide any  clarity or support for me. I showed Peter the lion and tucked it away, thinking I'd just bring the lion back when I had my next session.

Scene two: enter Bernadette (aka #beethekitten).
To be continued tomorrow.


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