just start. here's how.

So many people will STOP before they even start.  
Be the person who starts.  And keep going.

1. Set aside 10 minutes every day.  This builds momentum and, contrary to what the majority believe, is much more powerful than setting aside two hours one day a week.  

2. Keep an idea journal. When we make an intention to begin creating, the Universe responds. Ideas pop up in the least likely places.  Always have something with you to write them down.  Trust me.  You will forget.

3. Notice what you're drawn to.  Don't analyze or judge.  Just follow your nudges.  This is information.  And it is gift.  Receive it.

4. Give into your reality.  Most of us crave compartmentalization.  We want our creativity to give us a break from the rest of our life.  Instead of trying to fend life off for an entire ten minutes, use it as a reference point.  

5. Use what you have. You'd be surprised what you can come up with if you pull from what you already have.  This also stretches the creative mindset and provides perimeters which actually make a daily practice less overwhelming.

Ways to keep your creativity in a holding pattern:

Be obsessed with trying to find the perfect day and time to begin. 

Maintain a belief that creative inspiration pours through some magical spout that you need to locate first. 

Stay hung up on finding the perfect work space or thinking you need specific materials. 

Believing that whatever is created needs to make sense to you.

These are a few ways (there are many more) your ego keeps you from starting. 
Just Start. 

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