a perennial creative

the fields and hills surrounding chico hot springs, paradise valley, montana

I recently heard someone refer to themselves as a perennial optimist.
This got me seriously thinking...

I looked up perennial in the dictionary and this is what I found:

  • returning in the spring from their root stock
  • present at all seasons of the year
  • persisting usually with new growth
  • continuing without interruption
  • regularly repeated or renewed
  • continuing indefinitely in time
  • recurring in steady and usually rapid succession

I am not sure if I would go as far to refer to myself as an optimist.  I think a lot of people would describe me as such.  I have definitely learned that optimism is a choice and an act of conscious thought.  As an artist and creative individual I don't think it is a surprise to hear that I struggle with a dark side (this being part of my creative process is another blog post altogether).  I most surely do believe in my creativity as perennial, however.  

With a commitment to creating everyday:
  • I have established a strong foundation (a "root stock")
  • I have found a way to express myself every season of the year
  • I persist (most of the time), and as a result, I am always experiencing new growth
  • I continue without interruption (the stronger the root stock, the easier this becomes)
  • I regularly repeat and, as a result, renew
  • I am unable to see an end - creativity has become my life purpose
  • I experience more rapid succession the steadier my practice of creating is

If you are interested in developing a creative "root stock", I offer create everyday online classes.  For a more personal, individualized approach see my creative coaching services.  

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