Do artists think alike?

...and do we typically think differently?

I really have no idea.  As a visual artist, I know that, initially, most of my encouragement came from writers and reading about their creative process.  When I first discovered these voices, I finally felt as though I had finally found some kindred spirits in creative process and lifestyle.  As an artist, there isn't the ability to compartmentalize.  At least I haven't found a way.  And, although, I sometimes wish I could place different parts of my life in different compartments (then, at least, I'd have the illusion of control, right?), I know this would require an enormous amount of daily energy that could be much better used elsewhere.

I also receive a lot of encouragement from hearing interviews with singer/songwriters.  I can identify with so much of their creative process and lives (aside from the nightlife which I'd never be able to pull off with any success).

But these two forms of expression involve words and my primary form of expression does not.

So, I was so grateful when, in 2008, the documentary film, Our City Dreams was released.
It has been a staple and form of pick-me-up on a regular basis.

Our City Dreams shadows five women artists in New York. One thing I LOVE about visual art is that I don't necessarily have to identify with the work to have a deep appreciation and somewhat of an intuitive understanding of how the artist chooses to represent herself and her process.  These women have a strong sense of who they are and are continuously looking for ways to evolve.  Bingo.

Ghada Amer
"I did art because I didn't want to die...Then I realized this was my priority."

Kiki Smith
"I am more interested in thinking about the present than the past."

Marina Abramovic
Don't worry...  If you don't have consciousness in the moment, just do it...  It took me 25 years.  Let it happen."

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