growth happens

Personal growth can definitely be uncomfortable.  Sometimes awareness of behaviors we'd like to change can be liberating.  Sometimes this awareness can be overwhelming.  And awareness is only the first part.  The transition from an old habit or behavior to a new one can be extremely difficult.  At times the desire to make this transition can require so much vigilance (on our part).  There can be constant temptation to return to what seems easy and comfortable.

I was thinking about this time of year and new growth.  During this time of year, there are physical manifestations of growth that surround us - *everywhere*.  When I observed this spruce in our backyard a few days ago and noticed THIS (photo reference here), I wondered, "Is this tree experiencing discomfort?  Is it overwhelmed?  Does it have a constant temptation to return to what it was like before THIS?"

And then I remembered the significant difference between our growth and the trees.  It is clear that a tree doesn't resist change (by kicking and screaming).  The tree lets go and lets growth happen.  Growth just IS.

Perhaps we could learn a lot from the trees.

"Imitate the trees.
Learn to lose in order to recover.
And remember that nothing stays the same for long.
not even pain...
Sit it out.
Let it all pass.
Let it go."
-May Sarton


  1. thank you, Marnie. I LOVE that I've found another friend who "gets it". Let's keep rockin' and rollin'. Cheers to new growth!


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