do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

sequence of events 1 + 2

sequence 1

August 3.  I am uninspired.
August 4.  I remember when I get like this, it's good to begin a creative commitment.  I start.
August 15.  I make a gallery delivery of three paintings.
August 16.  I teach an art + music workshop with Caitlyn in the Create Everyday Classroom.  She wears her Watership Down t-shirt in my honor (yep, it's a favorite book of mine).

August 18.  I paint a rabbit.  I paint another and another.
August 19.  I paint more rabbits.
August 20.  And more.
August 21.  Guess what?  More rabbits!
August 22.  And more.
August 23.  We head out for one of our last camping trips of the season at our favorite place.  I take photos of cows along the way.

August 24.  We head home.
August 25.  I join my husband and rise early and paint cows.
August 26.  I paint more cows.
August 27.  I paint more cows.
August 28.  Repeat.
August 29.  Repeat. By the way, I've spent the entire week painting cows in my studio (just like the olden days)!  Peter and I go see Boyhood, feeling tired and grateful for a full week of work.


sequence 2

August 15.  I apply for a new job.
August 18.  I interview.
August 19.  I am hired.
August 22.  I put in my notice for my current job.
August 30.  My parents visit through September 7.
Sept 3.  I start training for my new job.
Sept 4.  More training.
Sept 5.  And more training.
Sept 8.  More training.
Sept 9.  And more training.
Sept 10.  More.
Sept 11.  And a little more.
Sept 13.  I work my last day at my "current job".
Sept 14.  I work my new job.
Sept 15.  I train some more for my new job.
Sept 16.  More training.
Sept 17.  A little more.

And I am wondering why I feel worn out?


This is what I choose to do on my day off:
I drink coffee.
I read.
I paint.
I do laundry.
I hang my laundry on the line.
I sit in the sun.
I read some more.
I get ideas.
I take notes.
I check my email.
I read some more.
I ride my bike to the co op.
I sit in the sun some more.
I talk to a prospective account.
I talk to Peter.
I check my email again.
More reading (I LOVE the novel I am reading right now)!
I need to motivate to do dishes and start dinner.
I turn on Prince and turn up the volume.  This helps.
I find myself here, at the computer.
It was a GOOD day.  I feel SO MUCH better.
I am watching Sixteen Candles.


  1. Thanks for this! Lovely and honest, and you!

    1. Thank you, Ti. I appreciate you visiting here! Loved seeing images of your new work!