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Sunday, August 17, 2014

art + music workshop

The first artist who was introduced yesterday was the Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky.  Kandinsky was known to be the first painter to create abstract works.  He was extremely passionate about music.  Kandinsky wanted to create paintings that were a visual representation and had a similar ability to communicate emotions (as music did).

We listened to Benjamin Britten's, A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and Henry Purcell's orchestra theme.  The children used watercolors to paint while listening to variations by different sections of the orchestra: woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion.  

At the end of this lesson, the children painted a large watercolor while listening to Purcell's theme in it's entirety.

We took a watermelon snack break and listened to the song, Light Rail, by Jeremy Messersmith.  Caitlyn taught us the lyrics while playing her ukelele.

The second artist that was introduced was Picasso.  We specifically discussed his guitar period and viewed a collection of these works.  Picasso was the first to create a sculpture out of cardboard and call it art.  The children used card stock and pastels to create their own interpretations.  While they were working on their pieces, we listened to a variety of music.  The Pete Seeger songs were the favorites.  We were able to sing a few of these along with Caitlyn.

Thank you for enrolling your children in this workshop.  I thought it was a beautiful and fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning (and it was so much fun to be reunited)!

There are three more SUNDAY AFTERNOON classes this month and there is one more WEEKDAY WORKSHOP approaching this week.

In addition to Sunday afternoon classes,
there will also be Saturday morning classes available in the fall!

I have created a page on facebook titled The Create Everyday Classroom.  
Please like and share if you feel so inclined. 

Enjoy the weekend!  Happy Art Making!

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