May's Creative Commitment Challenge: we're halfway home!


Yesterday marked the tenth day of the May 2013 Creative Commitment Challenge (ten days down, ten to go!)

What I am finding is that my visual expression for the day is only one small part of this commitment.  In this particular challenge, I have created questions to ponder as we approach and experience this season of birth/re-birth.  Using the prompts to incorporate into my emotional experience/ spiritual process has created a structure, focus and particular comfort.

When I design challenges, I create the prompts but then use so that even I can play along with a bit of spontaneity. During this particular challenge, I am experiencing a lot of sychronicity with the ordering of each prompt either in my external or internal worlds.

On DAY 3 of the challenge, the prompt was BUZZ.  I actually witnessed a hive being built.

On DAY 5, the prompt was FLOW.  I have really been trying to notice, honor and follow my energy for the past 3 weeks and on this day, I noticed how many times I wanted to take a detour.  

On May 14th, the prompt was HOPE.  This was the day in Minnesota when our Governor, Mark Dayton, signed the Freedom to Marry into law.  Minnesota made history, being the 12th state to bring such a law into effect.

When NEST was the prompt for the day, it also included this statement/ these questions to ponder:

Nests are works of art that take patience and thoughtfulness to create.
If you were to build a nest, what materials would you use?
What does nesting look like for you today?

It was clear to me that I really needed to and wanted to nest in compassion for myself and for others.


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