the May 2013 Creative Commitment Challenge

Alright, Creatives, the time has come - AGAIN.

the MAY Creative Commitment Challenge: 
"Noticing Nature"
Monday, May 5 - Saturday, May 26

If you have been following this blog or you live anywhere near Minnesota, you understand that we have been patiently waiting for Spring.  
Let's celebrate!  It has to arrive sooner than later.  
After all, in a little over 30 days it will be June.

20 days and 20 (brand new), "spring(y)" one word prompts
 to incorporate into your creative daily practice as you wish

Join us and become a part of a community that is showing up for their creativity 
in a small, imperfect, inspiring way every day.

  This is a really busy time of year for almost everyone.
I even started coming up with a lot of reasons why this month just wouldn't work for me to do this.  May already feels a bit overwhelming.  And then I was reminded 
- - yep, I am such a slow learner and obviously 
forget in a moment's notice everything I write about here on this blog - - 
this is the exact reason why I need to do this.
Doing this will cause me to slow down and appreciate more of what I might normally breeze through.  I don't want June to arrive and for me to say "Where did May go?"

Let's slow down together and stay present to life and the good stuff.
After all, Spring only happens once a year!
Let's spend some time "noticing".

Live somewhere where spring has already sprung?  Lucky you! 
No worries.  The prompts will still be applicable.  
Inspire us with a different perspective...

How does this work?
Each day you'll receive an email from me with a one word prompt. 
At this point, it's up to you to interpret the prompt into your practice.
We'll share our contributions and keep each other inspired by posting our work with our flickr group.
Invite a friend and come play along!

Register today (see right side bar).

The tiny print (in a larger font):  Why does taking tiny steps like this really work?  For the past five years I have been creating EVERY day.  Sometimes my daily creative endeavor takes on the role of a meditation or a form of expressing gratitude.  Sometimes it's an opportunity to just focus on me for at least 10 minutes a day (while dropping the rest of the day away).  Sometimes it creates a ripple effect and this leads me to the larger picture of life AND ALWAYS...yes, ALWAYS it strengthens that creative muscle so showing up becomes less of a novelty and more of a habit.  Why wouldn't you want a stronger muscle?  If you think about it, too, it inspires others to show up.  I think you'd agree: a world full of daily creatives sounds like the place where I want to be.


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