do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Friday, January 11, 2013

when it rains, it pours

milkweed 2, 12 X 12, acrylic and charcoal on canvas

I painted at my easel yesterday!  It had been so long.  Gratefully, I had spent NewYear's Day cleansing my studio and had thrown out the old to make way for the new (this ALWAYS helps in any aspect of life, doesn't it?)  My creative commitment for January involves 31 variations of milkweed.  The painting pictured above was a variation I finished today.

I have arrangements to trade out some of my pieces with the Grand Hand and exchange them with pieces from my Urban Earth exhibit next week.

crossing the threshold, 24 X 24, acrylic on canvas

A couple of my pieces were selected to be a part of an exhibit titled Our Earth at  Flow Art Space Gallery (also in St Paul).  This exhibit will open in April and coincide with the St. Paul Art Crawl.
Here is one of the pieces they have selected.

funnel of hope, 24 X 18, mixed media on canvas

Nice fluid movement in art this week - both on the canvas and off.

When it rains, it pours.  There are a lot of valleys in between (long ones).  Be prepared for rain.  It always arrives if you're ready.

P.S. Hopefully, by this time, you all have given yourself an A and will continue to do so until you forget.  When you need a reminder, please visit me here and I'll be sure to hand out another.
A's ABOUND.  For everyone.  NOW.

Have a GREAT weekend!
Appreciating the rain....
Let it pour!

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