2020 surprises

What a different year to reflect upon.  

Being a daily writer, I accumulate a stack of composition books over the course of every year.  It usually takes me a period of two weeks to re-read them and take note.

This year, in addition to the New Year Workshop, I took note of categories like "evidence of growth", "take aways" and "surprises". 

A few of this year's surprises were:

  • As of February 2020, I hadn't complained about winter yet (I have already done this in 2021)
  • Due to the pandemic, we were forced to search out summer camping alternatives.  We found NEW favorite spots where we will always choose to return.  
  • Peter and I were more compatible than ever (sharing the same physical space, all day, every day)
  • My mind was much quieter
  • I used a lot of colored pencils (this is shocking, actually)
  • Spring in Minnesota came early (beginning of April)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed an audio book (another shocking one, here)
  • We spent all day/every day feeling perfectly content on our porch in June and July
  • I completed 2 video series
  • I experienced an alternative (just as powerful) ritual with daylight savings
  • We had harmonious and enjoyable holidays
  • What was once my ideal day time log became habitual practice
  • Living my life list became habitual practice too 
  • SO MANY bonfires 


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