The New Year Creative Workshop

 'Tis the Season!  for the New Year Creative Workshop!

As creative individuals, it's extremely important that we celebrate the past to make way for the future.

At the close of every year, I conduct personal exercises, honoring what I have done as well as what I plan to do.  While incorporating these ideas and rituals, I have witnessed the power of intention and manifestation.

If you are interested in a more structured, creative way of honoring the year 2020 ...

WHOA! WAIT. A. MINUTE!  You want to honor 2020? 

Yes.  The short answer is YES.  And the runner up shorter version is:

 You may have to dig deeper to find the diamonds this year but I believe when we practice reflecting, we are more able to reframe challenging times.  I also believe there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  And gratitude is the seed for new fruit.

...while making way with clarity for 2021, this workshop may be for you!

There is power in the written word.  Receive my creative worksheets (6 playful b/w pages).  Print them out!  These are visually appealing with a lot of space for note taking, list making, coloring and doodling.  Three pages are designed for 2020 (honoring/taking inventory of what has happened) and three are designed for 2021 (setting intentions for the upcoming year).  These are worksheets that you are going to want to keep close at hand and reference often so that you can stay on task or make appropriate adjustments. 

These worksheets carry no expiration.  Purchase them once and make a tradition of using them annually.  Visit MY ETSY SHOP to purchase these digital downloads.

More notes regarding the year 2020:

These worksheets carry titles from one of my favorite mantras (and movies), "Thank you.  MORE PLEASE!"

Although I think these worksheets are more important then ever this year, I completely understand if you don't want to go with the title, "More Please" for the 2021 pages.

If this is the case, I recommend, crossing this out and creating your own.

On my 2021 calendar, I have written "This could be your best year yet".  Feel free to use this.  We all know the present tense would be even better : This is my best year yet!

Or cross out "More Please" and title I HAVE HOPE.

A few suggestions:

With questions like "What was your biggest obstacle?" or "What was most difficult?" try to dig deeper than what one might consider their initial answer: The pandemic.  Mix it up a bit with,  How did I create obstacles for myself because I had difficulty accepting the pandemic?  Look for less tangibles in 2020.  Celebrate the small ways you have adapted and what have been the hidden gifts.


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