more about one year (aka post #153.2)

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I love this quote.  I want to do this.  I AM doing this.
This was one of the projects that kicked off my re-commitment to this blog one year ago.  
I posted daily quotes on a telephone pole outside our home.  

But more about this quote specifically: I have chosen my corner.  It feels like home.  I have put intentional thought and commitment into it everyday.  I want to change the world little by little.  
I want to shed a brighter light on the nurturing benefits of creating.  
I want to inspire people to just start.

It feels so refreshing to have a corner that is so cozy and comfortable and made just for me (and those who want to come on along).  The authenticity and sincerity I have practiced this year has been liberating.  I am ready for MORE.  Yes, more opportunities for authenticity and sincerity, please.  
Thank you!

I am farther away from perfect than I have ever been, stepping out on a ledge where I have never dared to go before.  I want to stay on this ledge and wait for the next opportunity to leap.  Who feels compelled to stand out there with me?

Charles Eames was a brilliant creator.  I think we all can agree on that.  I feel as though he really stood by this quote and soaked it all up.  
He did change the world.  
Recently, I came across this image, his initial marriage proposal to Ray Kaiser.

This was eye opening for me.  Charles Eames was just a regular guy.  He even made spelling errors.  He put himself out there, on his own ledge and leaned into his dreams.  
Let's do THIS too.

By the way, I AM CELEBRATING one year (just in case you haven't heard...).  To celebrate with me, check out this post for free give aways.  Today is the last day to play!


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