journal of a creative: entry 3

As part of a tribute to my one year commitment to create everyday, I have decided to publish bits and pieces from the journal I began one year ago.  I have also done my best to coordinate images: photographs that I took on the particular date of each entry.

my telephone pole post, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

How do I tap into home?  My external environment couldn't be any more perfect: perfect sun, perfect sky, clouds, temperature, breeze, trees, chair, end table, perfect Stella sitting closely, perfect books, journal and writing instrument.  Perfect water.  How do I tap into feeling at home?  I feel so far away.  Help.  It's like my compass is broken or has been exposed to too much heat, too much cold.  It isn't spinning either with any predictability just getting jossled all about.  What grounds a compass?  I hear stillness, weight.  I must need weight.  But I want to do, do, do.  I want to do so much and, yet, when I stop, I have no sense of where to start.  

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