journal of a creative: entry 2

As part of a tribute to my one year commitment to create everyday, I have decided to publish bits and pieces from the journal I began one year ago.  I have also done my best to coordinate images: photographs that I took on the particular date of each entry.

early morning: my "home away from home"
the south shore, August 11, 2012

August 11. 2012

Currently I am in an expansive place (the South Shore) and, because of this past week, I am having a difficult time experiencing the expansiveness - something I need and crave.  I can't rest without it.  I am a crazy woman, confined to a hamster wheel and it seems like only the tiniest percentage of pure luck can get me off.  Restless.

And a later entry on the same day:

And then there are others who I have no logical proof of understanding.  There is no relationship based on a series of in-depth conversations.  There is, however, to me, a relationship of experience (maybe even one) and I feel a strong, almost life commitment and attachment to these people.  I feel as though our souls have touched.  And that I have the ability to tap into that relationship from very far away (without the other person even being a knowing participant).  Or maybe they are.  Maybe we simultaneously feel it.  My sense is that I am more aware of it than the other.  But that is all that matters anyway.

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