not the average political post

It's so tempting to turn this into a political post.  But I am going to refrain.  Instead, I am going to take this opportunity to talk about life, authenticity and vision.  Hmmmm....

A while back, I mentioned the film, Mammoth.  I watch a lot of films and typically am not inspired by ones like this.  This film, Mammoth, had a strong, influential message though: everyone in the film seemed to be doing what they thought they should do instead of what they really wanted to do. Everyone in the movie was trying really hard to stick with the intellectual reasoning behind their actions rather than their heart.  Honestly, I don't recommend the film.  It was depressing.  I do recommend giving your life some thought, however.  My guess is, too, that if you are reading this blog, you are giving it conscious thought already.  I drew a picture of the chaos (see above) that was happening in every character's life as a result of pushing themselves farther and farther away from their truth.  I wonder what the picture would look like under different circumstances.  I am thinking calm, steady, clear.  I am thinking if this "different" picture were a video, too, it would be moving slow.  It's so tempting to want a quick fix, to compromise ourselves for "just a short time" in order to get from point a to point b more quickly.  I believe this is an illusion.  When we compromise ourselves, we only create more problems that need to be dealt with down the road, that cause our entire lives (and the lives of others, for that matter) to be in upheaval.  

Here's to calm, steady, clear and slow (yes, I'll take slow...) 

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What are my favorite films?  Most recently Moonrise Kingdom.
These older favorites have an inspiring message: the Adjustment Bureau, Happythankyoumoreplease, Beginners, Away We Go, Lars and the Real Girl, Little Miss Sunshine, Gigantic, the Station Agent 


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