Really? How? This is difficult to explain but I'll take a stab at it.

On Thursday afternoon, a darkness washed over me.  I had been truckin' along as per usual, and then, all of the sudden, my current life became immediately invisible to me.  Everything was muted.  There was a heaviness that immediately clouded any and every uplifting thing about life. 

People ask me what triggers something like this.  I believe I live quite consciously and have more than enough awareness regarding my triggers.  I've learned when to take extra care of myself and when I may need to create an extra buffer of protection.  But this feeling came on without a suggestive hint.  And it remained heightened for 18 hours at least. Running anxiety to no end paired with an inability to breath deeply. ugh. 

It wasn't until I entered a museum and experienced an exhibit on Friday that I witnessed my entire psychology (and physiology) change.  In an instant.  I immediately felt at harmony with myself and could easily breath again. In moments like this, I am moved to tears, grateful that the darkness has passed and I have, once again, returned to myself.  Overcome with overwhelming gratitude, I had the sense to grab a hold of a docent and say, "Thank you, SO MUCH, for being here."
But I refrained.

Just like taking a walk, journaling, spending time in nature (or with animals) has been a good remedy for me in times like this, so is viewing art.  These experiences are never a guaranteed reset but they do have a higher success rate than anything else.  

What was the exhibit I experienced that I found so moving?  Robert J. Lang's exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.  It took my breath away AND gave me breathing room simultaneously.  What a gift.  I may just have to send him a personal note.


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