to tread lightly

I experience immediate freedom and liberation when the inspiration comes to begin a new painting.  When the painting becomes close to being finished, though, I have to remind myself continuously to tread lightly.  Too much and I can lose the essence of the painting altogether.  In this stage of the game, I have to remind myself to breathe, I find myself holding my breath.  And then, typically, after several days of fine tuning, I breathe a giant sigh of relief when all appears harmonious. This (above) is the first of the larger lions I have completed, titled "Ol' Blue Eyes" (40x30, acrylic on canvas). The first of the larger lions that I started (see top lion in image below) has yet to be finished.  

Why lions?  It's a six part story (at least).
If you're interested start, here, with THIS LINK.


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