With the first hint of fall, I immediately start dragging my feet, resisting the darker and colder days of winter that lie ahead and seem to last forever.

When I bump up against a transition (they are always happening, by the way, and I usually initially resist them all),  I try to come up with a creative commitment to mark the time. 

Waiting the transition out (which is my default), keeps me from living in the present and missing out on what life has to offer now. 

This year, I didn't come up with a creative commitment similar to those I have completed in the past.  This year, I listed simple activities to commit to.  In addition to the usual standards: my happy light and drinking liquid sunshine, I committed to cooking, reading, long walks and favorite television. 

We are officially in winter mode now.  I consider the beginning of November and "falling back" as the beginning of this season.  I honored this last night by bundling up, raking leaves and burning the last bits of our wood pile.


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