things are lookin' up, 30x40, acrylic on canvas

I listen to a lot interviews with singer songwriters.  I love hearing how songs are written, the concept of an album occurs or what rituals they create to fill their creative well.  I resonate with so much of what these artists share.

Although I have been listening regularly to these interviews for over 15 years, it just dawned on me about a month ago that I CREATE ALBUMS!

I consider the rabbits I've painted as two different bodies of work, based on two different concepts.

The giant rabbits (drawings on canvas) represent the healing qualities rabbits have for me.  When these qualities are painted larger than life, I have no reason to doubt their capabilities.

The smaller paintings were based on the ideas/characters in the book Watership Down by Richard Adams.  Feeling oppressed in their current community, a handful of rabbits who are considered weak or misfit, combine their individual strengths and natural gifts to escape, survive a long and challenging journey and begin a healthy community of their own.

rainbow rabbit (detail), 16x20, acrylic on canvas

Other albums: Gentle Giants of this Wild World, A Kinship of all Creatures (U of M, Speak! 2016  conference), the cows are several box sets, for sure.  After resisting the lions for several months, now I am thinking a “My Lion’s Gate” album would rock.


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