If you are a creative person, or any person, actually, you are aware of the zillions of distractions that can keep us from living our true lives.  These distractions can take the form of a never ending to-do list to spending too much time with someone you know isn't the best for you.

I have done a pretty good job at eliminating physical distractions.  My house is orderly but could always use a good vacuuming.  ALWAYS.  

I no longer give the to-do list power anymore either.  When considering not getting something checked off (I used to be a compulsive checker off-er), I ask myself if it really matters.  Is this something that should be done before I find myself on my death bed?  I truly have to get this dramatic.  

When choosing people to spend time with or activities to participate in, I almost always have to ask myself if there will be a positive ripple effect as a result.  Any potential negative ripple effects, I really can't afford.

But here is where I really find myself distracted.  I distract myself with my mind.  I worry.  I obsess.  I carry stupid resentments around for at least a few hours (if not much longer) regarding what Peter did or didn't do.

My mind can trick myself into thinking, too, that if I worry, that's a form of responsibility.  It can convince me that if Peter did or didn't do that certain something, my life would be more easy (and then I wouldn't be SO distracted)!

But, here's the deal: These mind traps I get into with myself take up a lot of energy (and I am not even getting more physically fit in the process)!  I would even venture as far to say that these thought systems create an excuse to keep me from moving forward towards my vision.  And they are waiting to pounce EVERY day.

Lately, I have been working really hard at clearing the clutter that swirls around worry, obsession and resentment.

There is less fog.  I can see further ahead.  I have more energy.
For how I really want to spend my life.


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