When I started creating every day and then eventually started painting every day, it was really important that I let go of any need to control.  In addition to the motivation and inspiration behind bodies of work, what has remained consistent is my desire to continually loosen up - MORE. And, believe me, it feels like I am creeping along at a snail's pace.  But I get closer with every new investment in my work.

It is extremely important to me that what I put out there is clearly seen as perfectly imperfect.  I don't want any facades.

The dripping is something that consistently started for me over a year ago.  You can see evidence of this in my Gentle Giants and the large rabbit drawings too.  And I want the drips to stay.  As I work toward another body of work (I've been having to practice a lot of  patience while I wait), I want there to be even more physical evidence in the work of the perfectly imperfect.  


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