the story continues...


Had another amazing, awe inspiring yoga class with @boundsmarnie @yessyoga on Tuesday, September 10 even though I was not feeling that hot.  I just took it extra easy and modified everything (more than I usually do).  The reason I mention this is because I believe me attending this class assists in aligning me more easily with my path.  I definitely feel empowered, grounded and positively hopeful afterwards.  Marnie has been following along with this story and we also took a bit of time to catch up.

Later that afternoon, I saw a lion on a Bremer Bank calendar at the cash register of a local business in my neighborhood.  I sent a text to Marnie of this image immediately.

Marnie responded to my photo text with this: “valor n. Courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery n. Strength of mind in resisting fear and braving danger; bravery; especially, courage and skill n. Value; worth”

On Wednesday, I visited a school with my traveling art bag from @thecreateeverydayclassrooom (something I do on occasion).  The lesson was on Paul Klee's Cat and Bird (so, nothing having to do with lions) but a young student just happened to tell me that her spirit animal was a Purple Lion.

I feel I must paint a purple lion (or a lion with purple, to be more specific).

Roar on.


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