I taught a set of really cool workshops with the lion as subject at The Create Everyday Classroom last year.  Marnie even came and taught a lion inspired yoga class to the children.  During their class with Marnie, the children did a lot of roaring. Did you know that practicing simhasana (or lion's breath) is believed to dispel negative energy and release energetic blockages, leaving one feeling free, courageous and energized?

One of the children's books I fell in love with while in the midst of these workshops was How to be a Lion, written and illustrated by Ed Vere.  This book emphasizes the importance of staying true to yourself regardless of others' ideas or expectations. Leonard is a gentle lion.  He doesn't want to be fierce and loud.  Leonard is a poet.  He is friends with Marianne, the duck.  Together they contemplate the meaning of life.  But one day, the other lions gang up together and tell Leonard he has pushed this "gentleness" thing too far.  Leonard questions his existence.  Must he change and become more "lion like"?

If you want a really sweet voice to read you this children's book, check out THIS LINK.

These lion classes were so successful, I decided to teach another version of this class this fall.  How to be a Lion included.

student work

And this is the end of Part four.



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