The lion is gone.  This bothers me even though I don't feel attached to it.  Did I think I put it there and put it somewhere else?

Later, Peter and I witness Bernadette carrying the lion in her mouth.  We are laughing hysterically.  Normally, I would just let Bernadette have it but this item isn't mine.  It's on loan!

So, I tuck the lion away somewhere else.

And, the next day, the lion is gone.  Again.  This time we know who has the lion but she doesn't have the lion.  Not at this moment.  Where could she have taken it?

Peter and I play this hide and seek game at least three different times.  We put the lion in a different place and realize it's gone.  We go on a hunt to find where Bernadette has hidden the lion.

And then, one day, I find Bernadette lying right beside the lion on the floor.

OK, I get it, Bernadette.  You've made friends with this lion.  I probably should too.

Part three tomorrow.


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