why :::: art ::::: costs what art costs

One of the regular exercises I continue to have as an artist is to always keep an inventory of dollar amounts.

Even though I am the person that created the work, priced the work and installed the work, it is very easy for me to either think "not enough" or "way too much".

I practiced this exercise today and tallied up inventory I have in different venues.

In no particular order:

venue 1:
recently shipped 4200. in inventory
more recently delivered 3995.
This totals 8195. in recent inventory
If total 8195. is sold,
2768. are the total dollars I pocket

venue 2:
total inventory: 16, 675.
If total 16, 675. is sold,
6419. are the total dollars I pocket

venue 3:
total inventory: 29, 350.
If total 29, 350. is sold,
10, 272. are the total dollars I pocket

I am NOT complaining.  NOT.  ONE.  BIT.

I feel grateful every day I have had and still have the ability to create work.
I feel grateful every day people want to exhibit my work.
I feel grateful EVERY day a painting sells.  EVERY DAY.

It's just good to keep my eyes on the real numbers too.


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