dandelion season

Some people say that dandelions are the only flower that represent the sun, moon and stars.

There is nothing more delightful to me than seeing the first gathering of dandelions in a field of spring's vibrant green.  I have never known children to overlook a season's new distribution of dandelions either.  They are the first to pick them, gather bouquets, gift them and weave them into their hair.  This is THE SUN.

And then there is the much less desired stage for many: the seeding stage.  In this case, the hearty, boisterous yellow has evolved into a dainty, gray globe.  This is THE MOON.

But then, to think that the moon must be present in order to experience THE STARS.
Those same children who experienced such delight in the sunshine of dandelions, pick the moons, blow and wish upon the stars.

Because of the connection I feel to my subjects it is usually very important to me that they stand alone.  In the case of this painting, however, the dandelions are just as much the subject as my dear friend, the rabbit (who considers the sunny stage to be gourmet, by the way).

So here is "dandelion season"

 30x24, acrylic on canvas 1495. in my etsy shop


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