how I BE(come)

It takes a lot of work to BEcome and remain consistently open to new growth.

The creative process I experience forces me to get really clear about what is not serving me, where I am "hiding" and what I truly value.

And through the process of creating art, I have been able to soothe myself through very rough stretches of time: seasons of deep self awareness, challenges on a global level and everything in between.  In the midst of life, art has been a tangible place to put my person with the fear of possibly losing myself altogether.

But, of course, I am here and I am not lost and I consider myself more found than ever.  Art has been the place where this has happened for me too.

When I can relax and let go, I am much more likely to learn  (regardless of the growing pains involved or challenges I perceive ahead).

And so, welcome to my learning environment.  I will keep creating and learning and growing and being grateful for it every step along the way.


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