where is the color?

Color is such a powerful form of communication, isn't it?  I think we all have strong reactions to color. We either love it immediately or we don't.

While not making a lot of headway in my studio this month, I have felt as though I have processed a lot about my work with my writing.

When considering my latest work this may seem obvious but I was shocked to find out that I actually admitted to myself, on paper, that color was not a priority for me at this time.  Well, I guess, more importantly, I spelled out my priorities and was shocked to find that color was nowhere to be found.

Here's what I do know is important to me right now:

1. Personality.  This is what is most important for me to convey.  I want my work to be viewed as a companion.  I want my work to immediately soften the demeanor of the viewer.

2. IMPERFECTION.  This is really an important aesthetic for me to maintain right now.  I constantly find myself wanting to neaten up my paintings and consistently find myself in a position of needing to loosen up.  This need to make a statement about imperfection is most clearly portrayed with the dripping. Other representations of imperfection of my work could be as subtle as not finishing the sides of a canvas or as obvious as leaving a painting looking like it's only partially complete.

3. Drawing.  Line must be evident somewhere.

It's helpful for me to have brought these into my consciousness by writing them down.  Now, when working, I can ask myself if I'm keeping my priorities in mind.  I can stop, evaluate and shift my sail more quickly mid-process.


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