the working art studio

I used to have romantic notions of an art studio.  Mine is anything and everything but romantic.  There are extension cords everywhere rigging the proper lighting, the curtains are too long, there is paint from wall to floor (and back again) and there is little space.  My studio is what people usually refer to as "the spare bedroom" on the main floor of our small home.

Really, I could consider different corners of our home adjuncts of my studio as well.  I have a drawing table with supplies upstairs, our dining room table is rarely used to eat at and what others might consider the guest bedroom is painting storage.  In the summer months, this all has a tendency to spill out all over the front porch.

I have talked to many artists who need to work away from their home.  An off site space keeps them accountable to working and/or when finished for the day, creates closure between their work and the rest of their life. I wish I could do this.  Believe me I've tried.  At times, I daydream about the additional space.  I think about a separate place to contain the mess!

But here's the deal: working is messy for me.  Life is messy too!  And I need to live where I work and work where I live.  I think it has something to do with me having a one track mind (see this post).  There cannot be a distinct boundary between living and working.  The two are too closely intertwined.

cords, long curtains and cat tails


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