the grief chronicles 2.

We were far from perfect.  We both knew that.  But, she was a perfect match for me.  Kind of a miraculous match, actually.

She knew before I did, how I ticked and what was the best way to relate to me.

She didn't take my inner complexity or what might have appeared as apathy personally.

She knew how to check in (quietly and discreetly, if we were in public), just to let me know she was right there.  Then, she had the ability to let go lovingly.

How rare is that?

Later, when we lived several states apart, there would be times when I would have a sense something was wrong and I would call.  She would, at first, answer with her bright charasmatic cheer, but as soon as she'd hear my voice, she'd break down into tears and say, "How do you always know?"

We loved to laugh (and eat).  She was so good at laughing off (in the most respectful way) what I took much too seriously.

She was polished and classy.  I was rough around the edges (no matter how hard I tried).

We were the yin and the yang, for sure.

And it worked.  It worked every day for thirty five years.

Lucky me.

I wish I could call her today

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