my one track mind

I have the superb ability to multi-task but this skill comes locked within insoluble barriers.

If I am painting in my studio, I am, more than likely, working on at least three to five paintings at a time.  I am not thinking about any other commitments.  Everything beyond my studio walls is completely at bay.

But the same is true for teaching.  When I am actively teaching, my studio or paintings are unreachable, completely removed from my consciousness.  So much so that I'll do a double take if I see an image of my work online, for instance.  I notice I'll have to remind myself that I paint too.

Outside of the studio AND the classroom, occasionally the two overlap. I usually don't notice that one has influenced the other until after-the-fact, though.

And then there is the in between time.  I am constantly either processing, brainstorming, visualizing, daydreaming, worrying, doubting or "tongue-tied".  During this time it's beneficial to have a good book, tv series or movie on hand.  A road trip works wonders.

There is another segment of time too: the time it takes to switch gears between both.  Sometimes this can take one day.  Sometime this can take a week.  In this case, the only remedy seems to be time and patience, giving myself another opportunity to trust the process.

I suppose the gift in both the active painting and teaching is that when I am actively absorbed in one, I am completely off from another.  And this is so beneficial to the creative process.


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