If you're looking to be invincible, I have the perfect movie.

In addition to this film being well made (the era is represented authentically, the acting is solid, the soundtrack is extremely nostalgic), I am a sucker for the protagonist: a humble, quiet, hard working guy, minding his own business, living a simple life and extremely loyal to his roots.

This guy walks a familiar road that a lot of main characters do, he falls on harder times. 

Not like times were hard enough already...

All of the sudden, there is nothing left to lose.  Nothing.  And so, if there's nothing to lose, there's nothing to lose in trying for something unfathomable to most.  Why not take a chance on a dream of a lifetime?  I mean if there's nothing left to lose?

It turns out, just showing up for this opportunity is a win (and not only for the protagonist).  It turns out this guy has made the first cut, defied all odds and given his downtrodden community hope.

But then, without much time to celebrate or even assimilate this win, immediately, there's another mountain to climb.  There's alienation from what's familiar, he's removed from his support system and there are more than a million opportunities to believe all the others who surround him with their verbal attacks. 

Herein lies another opportunity for the protagonist to reach deep, find whatever character he has within himself, remember what fueled him in the first place and keep going.

This cycle continues.  There is consistent hard work and focus.  There are wins.  There are obstacles.  There are demons to battle (inside and out).  And it all comes down to whether or not he decides to fail himself first.  Because, after all, isn't that where failure begins in the first place?

I love this kind of story.
I love this movie.
And I don't like football.

too powerful to be defeated or overcome.


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