the hardest part

...or ONE of the hardest parts.

When there is no inspiration.  When everything seems to fall flat.  But I need to show up anyway because I know that's how the work happens and, more importantly, where breakthroughs happen.  And aren't we all just jonesin' for the next big breakthrough?  I know I am...

I have literally been deep breathing through so much anxiety of self doubt the last few days.  This is not new.  This cycles around and scares me just like it's the first time every time.

This is not a cry for encouragement.  I really am so fortunate to have so much of this from so many.  This is a cry out for more quiet confidence in myself and my chosen path ESPECIALLY when there is no inspiration and everything feels flat.

My biggest hope is that I will learn to manage these episodes in a different and better way every time they come around.

This is what I have to offer.

So, in the meantime, I'll keep deciding, again, to not scare myself, marinate in my gratitude, continue deep breathing, put my legs up the wall, go for a walk, notice all the creative inspiration out there (SO GRATEFUL for all You Creatives)!  Affirm this.  And keep moving forward one step at a time even if it feels like I am just treading water.

The image above is of the Missouri River at sunrise during our trip out west in August.  


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